The living word of God

I talk all the time about the word of God from the Bible. What I’d like to talk about today is the “living, breathing word of God.” In order to live as God calls us to, we must not only read the word and understand it. We must also live the word of God. In order to live the word of God, we must first ask the words of the Bible to come alive in our hearts. This means the words must not simply sit flat on a page as we read, but also come alive in our being.

So how do we as people make this happen? There are many ways actually. But they take real time, real work, and real commitment on the part of the individual. If you are willing to take this time, do this work, and make this real commitment, I can promise you that you will feel God’s loving word. And once you feel this kind of love, you will see there is nothing else that can even come close to matching it.

This process, like all other spiritual undertakings, begins with prayer. By prayer, I mean having a real conversation with God. In order to have a real conversation with God we must talk to Him and tell Him our concerns, then be silent and wait for Him to talk back to us through the Holy Spirit’s guidance in our hearts.

When we do God’s works in the world for others and we acknowledge that it is God who has influenced this good work, we manifest His word out into the real world. This should have a satisfying affect on those who desire to know and love God. This process brings us into better communion with our Creator and thus gives us much greater understanding about the world, our being, how much our Creator really loves us, and why things are the way they are in our universe.

When we read the Bible, if we simply read it as though it is any other book, we will miss the intended meaning of so much. This is because the Bible is a spiritual book. It takes communication with God to properly understand how it applies to the individual. Therefore, when you read the Bible, I urge you to begin with prayer first. Ask God to give you insight from His perspective beforehand. This way, you are well prepared to get the most from reading the Bible. This way you have invoked the protection and guidance of the Holy Spirit to help enlighten you about its meaning as it applies to you.

If you happen to be Catholic, you could be going to Mass regularly and receiving the living word of God, which we refer to as the Eucharist. This is the consecrated body and blood of Christ. The wafer used for this is consecrated by the Holy Spirit through the priest who is merely used as the vessel for this process. The reality for those who truly believe is that  just as Jesus was the living, breathing word of God while He walked the earth, so, too is He today. The way we can experience God in us is by eating His flesh and drinking His blood just as He commanded us to in the New Testament. Thus, when we consume this sacred bread and drink this precious blood during the meal part of Mass, we are consuming the living, breathing, actual word of God that was consecrated into Jesus’ flesh and blood by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Once we eat Jesus’ body and drink His blood, our bodies digest it. Once our bodies digest it, it becomes part of us and we become alive in His word.

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