Prayer is the greatest weapon available to man to fight evil

Let’s see, man has invented weapon after weapon in our insatiable desire to be able to control evil in the world. It was initiated in the beginning mostly as a desire to protect us from harm from others. We call that self defense. What it has grown into over the centuries is pure evil.

Good people keep thinking they can control and deter evil by coming up with bigger, better, faster, lighter, easier, more efficient ways to kill their enemies. This has had a disastrous result on the world at large. The thing that boggles me is how people of faith can sit in our safe homes and wonder why? Why can we not come up with a solution to the problem of evil with weaponry?

All weapons have done for the world is create more chaos, confusion, war, dominance, violence, destruction and pure evil. Where has this gotten us? Well, let me see … country turns against country, religion turns against religion, brother against brother, sons and daughters against parents and on and on. We were not told to deal with violence with more violence in the Bible. The Bible is and should be lived as the living, breathing word of God. We were intended to live by His word. But so many times we chose not to. And where has this gotten us over all the years? Deeper and deeper into chaos and evil.

God told us in the Bible that violence begets violence. In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus said: “All who live by the sword die by the sword.” What we have witnessed time and time again throughout history is His words are true. This violence as an answer to violence has done little to curtail violence around the world but lots to incite it. Take for example the case of a little Afghani boy whose father was shot dead in front of his eyes from an airborne transporter of some sort from above. This man being shot turned out to be a mistake. Tell that to this poor innocent boy who will grow up without a father. He will be coddled by terrorist influences and brought up to hate all Americans and anyone associated with the needless death of his father because some over-zealous American military guys acted like they were merely playing a video game from above while shooting at targets they didn’t know enough about. What a crying shame. This doesn’t win Americans any bonus points for going over to the Middle East and “trying” to help the people.

I’ve noticed here in the U.S. evil keeps multiplying in the same needless manner. People who try to do good but happen to be in very volatile situations or environments find themselves gravitating toward evil for all kinds of reasons. Our public school system is infiltrated with all types of deception, corruption, violence, bullying, hardships, prejudices, and other negative emotions that permeate the environment. And we send our children there, into the midst of this unpredictable storm. The irony of the situation is we as parents and adults sit around and wonder why are so many kids so messed up in this day in age. Let’s see, they face dark rock and roll, bullying, alcohol, drugs, etc. These are all sources of darkness. When the light each individual has from God is dimmed by this excessive darkness, naturally demons can enter and have a field day. Just ask Justin Bieber.

My point here is that even many of the well-meaning people have forgotten the most important thing about life. We see TV shows that depict good against evil but we never see the good people praying for protection from this evil. This is such a shame because our best defense in this world against violence/evil is prayer. Period, hands down, prayer is the most important component for us to include in our daily lives for protection against evil.

Just stop and think for a moment. There are many depictions of people invoking spells and curses upon others available for all to see on TV and around them. These people have free reign in our society to conger up all kinds of evil. These people have a master called Satan. But always remember, our God is way mightier than the being these people worship. The catch is, we too must call upon our master (God) for help through prayer. If the Satanists are openly calling upon their master, we should be too.

Why have we neglected this most important aspect about our very existence here on earth? We are called to pray for others and treat them with love, respect, and dignity. I was ridiculed as a child just like everyone else. I suffered through the insecure years of adolescence like many others. You can make it out all right. We all have scars. The important thing is what we do with these scars. We can chose to use them for good or evil. If I had not been brought up to know about God at all, I would have been in very dire straights.

Even though there was a lot of deception in my upbringing about God, His light still managed to break through and take root in me. This gave me the opportunity to understand my ability to choose right from wrong and its importance based on higher reasoning. We can all choose to good or evil. It is our God-given gift of free will.

Since we all have scars caused by life itself, we all have the opportunity to make the decision regarding how we want to use our experiences. If we choose to use them for good, we must pray. Pray everyday. Just talk to God, then be quiet and listen to how the Holy Spirit communicates back to you through that wee small voice God gave us called our conscience. This voice will tell us how God wants us to respond internally and externally. If He tells you to take action, take that action. But pray first. Ask God first before going out and handling everything your own way. This will save you lots of grief.

Praying to God is a process anyone desiring to do good in the world must take up. Spiritual Warfare is real. Just ask the writer of “This Present Darkness” or a more recent book called, “The Delusion” by Laura Gallier. Light is real and so is darkness. Unfortunately in this day in age, people are afraid to talk about supernatural  things because they know they will be ridiculed and made to feel crazy. So what. Be bigger than that. Talk about them anyway. But pray for protection against evil through the blood shed on our behalf by our Savior and Messiah, Jesus Christ.

Prayer is free — it is a gift from God. It is available to everyone. Prayer will give you protection. Prayer will give you insight. Prayer will help you better understand God’s plan for you. Prayer will give you strength. Prayer will give you hope. Prayer will give you peace. Regular prayer and conversation with God does so much good for us. I urge you to try it. And remember to acknowledge all answered prayers with thanks and praise to God, even if the answer was not what you were looking for or expected.

Through prayer you will feel God’s love. Once you’ve felt God’s love, you don’t need to be loved by the world as much. You won’t have the desire to be so popular.

When you don’t care about what others think about you, you free yourself up from being subject to being blown down by the winds of hate and destruction. Instead, you can be swept up by the breath of God’s love. This will give you the strength to go out into the world and spread God’s love to others, no matter how they react to you and treat you. This is what our Creator calls us to. This and nothing less.

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