Your underlying motivation for doing something is what makes a difference in the outcome of the effort

When we do things for others in life, we need to be aware that the motivation behind our intensions has a bearing on how things will pan out. In other words, if my motivation for helping starving children in Africa is for self-promotion and attention then it will not have the desired affect I was going for for myself. On the other hand, if your heart is truly concerned about doing for others in whatever way God has given you the resources to do, the eventual affect on the individual will be completely satisfying.

Don’t get me wrong. This doesn’t mean the outcome will always be good, or exactly what you desired it to be if you simply help people for the sake of wanting to. It doesn’t work that way because if it did, this would be an oxymoron. God will always know the true intent of our hearts. Therefore, if we have even a little bit of that desire to do for others because we want credit, recognition, or glory in return but we mostly are doing things for others out of the goodness of our hearts, there is still self intent. Thus, room for growth is present. Therefore, God still needs to teach us to be less self-absorbed.

When we are self-absorbed in any way, we have the propensity to be prideful. God desires us to be humble. He will not force us to chose humility so He gently nudges us at first trying to help us see how satisfying it is to help others just because. Not because they are always grateful, but because our doing so is doing His work in this world. God knows our hearts and He can determine better than we can exactly what our motivation for doing something is.

Many people I know, including myself, have felt used and abused by others when we are not thanked, respected, or held in any regard by those we’ve helped. Doers hope that one day the people they help will eventually be there for them. But this is a selfish approach. It requires the people we help to be obligated to us. This is not the way God intended life to be. The only One we are obligated to is God.

The Lord, Jesus earned our salvation. God, the Father, gave His only Begotten Son for us. We should only be beholden to God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, we are letting pride enter into our psyche and trying to play God with others feelings and actions. It doesn’t take long for God to begin showing us that this is not how He intended the world to work. He gave us free will and allows us to chose how we desire to respond to people who help us.

On the other hand, Satan always tries to coerce people to act through threat and manipulation. This is why all the secret societies in the world work for evil intent so well. They seem so unified in their caused. They all have secrets about each other and can threaten to divulge those secrets in a very public format (because they own all the major news and entertainment sources) and they cower behind their wrong-doings and hang together because they are afraid of being exposed for what they really are.

God does not use fear to coerce us. He uses love. If you make a decision out of fear instead of love, it will be wrong every time.

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