Christmas is about birth and hope for the world: When we pray for someone in particular, ask that the person’s heart be purified by God and made anew ready to be reborn

In honor of it being Christmas, I want to tell something that I have found quite helpful. When I pray for someone these days, the first thing that I do is ask that God cleanse and purify the heart of that person. This is a healing process that empties that person of negative emotions and makes room for the infinite love of God to penetrate the person’s heart.

This can only be done through God / Jesus / the Holy Spirit. So ask God to work on the heart of the person you are concerned about. Many people think they can change someone. This is an age-old mistake evil deceives us into believing. It is God who changes hearts, not us human beings. God changes hearts through the love He poured out for us during the Passion. Once a person sees what God went through to show us how much love He has for each one of us equally and abundantly, hearts change.

What we can do as people is treat others with the same kind of love and respect God has taught us, no matter what, just as Jesus did. This means learning to forgive, listen with empathy, show kindness, use our resources of talent and treasure to help others when we feel called to based upon others needs, and love others like Jesus did when He walked the earth.

This process empties the heart of even the most negative person, over time with continued prayers, and makes it possible for the person to see the beauty of God’s pure love, thus clearing the way to a person’s rebirth in Christ.

In order for this process to be most effective, I’d suggest taking at least 20 uninterrupted minutes per day to meditate on God. This is when He talks to the inner recesses of our hearts through the Holy Spirit. I began doing this when my Spiritual Director advised me to make this a regular daily practice. It began opening the doors of understanding for me on a higher level almost right away. The time it takes varies upon the individual, that person’s present relationship with God, and where the person is in their faith journey.

From this process, many things have spouted for me, such as hope, calmness, peacefulness, unselfishness, worthiness, and a feeling of being loved.

Jesus came into the whole and filled it with hope. He died in order to take away our fear of death and give us the choice to be in full communion with God the Father upon that death.

Jesus’ birth represents hope for the world. True Christians all know this. That is why if someone is a TRUE Christian, they can be happy no matter what. But even true Christians go astray in various way due to the deceit that is so rampant in the world. God understands this and is there to correct and redirect us all the time.

Given the fact that Christmas is upon us and Christians are celebrating the birth of our Savior and Messiah, Jesus Christ, it is a great time to pray for the renewal of people’s spirit. Hopefully, this Christmas there will be new rebirths of old hearts that need God in the most crucial way. Hearts longing for hope, joy, freedom from fear, freedom from the burden of all sorts of sins that possess our souls.

Please join me today in praying for others to find the glory of our God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. May the hearts of each person, including myself, be constantly purified and made anew every day so we are able to shake off all negativity that doesn’t belong in our heart. Replace the negativity with the pureness of the sacred heart of Jesus. Help each of us to have love and respect for others, as well as patience. May each of us be a vessel through which God can be made manifest in this world.  Amen

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