If you are serious about wanting to feel complete, make lots of room for God in your heart

Nowadays, people everywhere are searching endlessly to find what we refer to as our “soul mate”. The one who we think will complete us and make us feel whole when we are with them.

What we are overlooking is the fact that what we need we already have. He’s always been there. He doesn’t die, He doesn’t do things to harm us, he died for us out of sheer love, He suffered for us because He wanted to show us the true meaning of unconditional love, He is there for us 24 / 7. And He never dies.

People we think will complete us as human beings have a tendancy to let us down every now and then. They also have the propensity to die on us, leaving us all alone. In these cases, we often feel completely broken-hearted.

But God is always there for each of us. No, He might not make our path smooth the entire time, He might allow things to happen to us that are not what we want, but all these things happen for a very specific reason which equates to love. Love because God must allow certain things to happen in order to mold us in an attempt to get us to find Him and convict our hearts about His love for us appropriately.

All anyone really has to do is look at a crucifix, not merely a cross, but a crucifix. Better yet, if you can look at a picture that actually captures the way Christ was truly brutilized for us, ask yourself this when you gaze upon it:  ”If Jesus can forgive us, why do we feel the need to hang onto unforgiveness?”

All you have to do is really look at what Jesus allowed us to do to Him and reflect on this question. Pretty soon, if you have any part of your heart working properly at all, you will realize what Jesus willingly did for us and see that He still had the capacity to forgive us for what we did because of pure love. Once you reach this greater understanding, your heart can finally see how much it longs to forgive. It wants to be cleansed by the pure blood of the Lamb of God and freed from the chains of un forgiveness. It is a sin not to be able to forgive.

God is the One who really fully completes us. In fact, it is Him and Him alone who completes our hearts. Without Him in there, we will never be complete, no matter who we are with.

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