Deceit comes in all shapes, sizes, races, and religions

Jesus was never political. Ever think about that and wonder why? Maybe it is because deceit can come in all shapes, sizes, races, and religions from a political context. (Political in my view is just another name for secular viewpoint.)

Looking over the history of man, one thing history reveals to us is that it doesn’t matter what race, creed, religion, or political stances you originate from, we can all be susceptible to sinning in ways that sometimes reflect how we’ve been brought up and other times bely how we’ve been brought up. People come in all different shapes, size, and attitudes. Thus people who present themselves to the world one way and whose heart has no problem with misrepresenting its true intension come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, faiths, etc. What matters is how we follow the word of God. If anyone tries to get us to deviate away from the word of God, beware. This should be a red flag.

There are fanatical factions and deviant individuals of all different faiths that have caused havoc at some point in time over the years. Whether it be Muslim/Isalm, Judaism, or Christianity, we have all been corrupted from within to some degree. This is the irony of life. Where this can get the well-intended, obedient people in trouble is when the deviant people of the world have the capacity to cause the faithful believers to waiver from our beliefs. This causes well-intended people to lose faith in their “religion” far too often and thus wander around aimlessly trying to find real truth. All the while, all we really need to do is search from within by talking to God. He will guide our hearts to the truth through the resources He has already provided to any faithful, believing seeker.

My hope is that we, as individuals, will form such a loving personal relationship with God ourselves that when people let us down, our faith will not be impacted by doubt. We are called by God to look to Him. He does not get involved in politics. He is not boastful. He is humble. He put our needs before His own. God is love. When we fall for the age-old trick of losing our faith when others we have trusted sin, this does not please God, but it satisfies Satan quite well.

Thank goodness God tells us to trust in Him, and Him alone. Religions are meant to guide and lead us in a certain direction by telling us our Creator’s teachings, history and tradition. If certain factions of a religion are purposely altering world truths in an attempt to manipulate, this is a problem. A serious problem.

God is the One who directs our hearts from within and helps us find real truth. But we have to have a real and trusting relationship with God. This means we have to pray regularly. Then we have to be patient and trust. We cannot teeter back and forth based upon what carrots people place before us as bait to get us to bite off their brand of reality. They are simply trying to get the masses to make decisions based upon our own personal self-interests and not based upon the greater good for all.

In my research about various faiths, I have been learning more about the Zionist Movement. Even though I grew up Jewish back in the 70s, the conservative Jewish synagogue I attended never taught me much about what the Zionist Movement really is or was. At least not that I can remember. That is probably because the Zionist Movement is not a religious movement. It is a political movement that was originally made up of people of mostly Jewish decent who were apostate Jews. In other words, they don’t practice the true principles of the Jewish God. They don’t adhere to His word in its fullness. Judaism is a faith, Zionism is a political stance. Using Judaism or any religion as an excuse to bully others under the pretense that you are promoting the views of a faith when you are not shows a total disrespect for the people who are genuine in their faith.

I’d like to make myself completely clear here that the majority of Jewish people are not of this mindset. However, it is disturbing to me that within the Jewish nation of Israel there is this movement that desires to deny others their right to observe whatever faith they choose and attempts to make it look like their motives toward other people and other faiths are genuine and loving. This is as big a lie as any other religion that uses faith to coerce people into wars and killing supposedly in the name of God. This is what we accuse the Muslims of doing. Now I realize the finger can be pointed both ways.

If you talk to Christians living in the Holy Land, they will tell you that they are harassed by both sides. The Muslims don’t want them there, nor do the Jews. The government in Israel does everything within their power to make living in Israel hard on Christians.

I understand corruption can infiltrate all religions. This is possible because susceptible people who desire to control others are in every realm of life, just as they were within the angels of heaven. If you didn’t know or had forgotten, one-third of God’s angels were deceived and corrupted by Satan. Their hearts began with love and purity and were infiltrated by deceit brought on by Lucifer. They truly thought Satan could win against God and they openly chose to follow evil thinking they too could be more powerful and happy.

People who have chosen to worship Satan do so by making sacrifices to him and building their relationship with Lucifer through evil acts. This is how they maintain their power and prestige in the world. They continue to do Satan’s dirty work. This is how the human heart becomes so corrupted by evil and deceit. Once you succumb to this blasphemy you have opened your heart to being defiled. This gives way to the decay of your moral fiber and further corruption of your heart.

Killing others through genocide or terrorist type activities is a sin — big-time, no matter what supposed faith the person who is committing it says they are committing it in the name of. The sad truth is that throughout history, all sides:  Muslims, Jews, and Christians have resorted to killing others at one point or another in order to justify accomplishing their goals.

Fortunately, the ones in each faith that use tactics designed to oppress other people, even those of their own race and religion are far less in number than the good people in each denomination. This is what we need to always keep in the forefront of our mind. When we understand this principle, it keeps us as individuals from falling prey to Satan’s deceptive attempts to get us to lash out at others through a false fear simply because we encounter someone who has a different background, belief, and world view than we do.

When we know and feel the love of Jesus Christ in our heart we are motivated as human beings created by God, to love others and treat them with respect and dignity. But the world has historically gone through difficult times incorporating this very beautiful loving principle.

The reason people experience so much war and tyranny is because some people simply crave the disease of feeling important. They have such a deep seeded need to feel important, have power, and seek respect that they lose their ability to empathize with others. They tend to want to play God. They think they have the right to control others.

When a minority of any people of any race, creed, or religion try to infuse their own agenda on others through deceit, manipulation and oppression, this is simply wrong on every level. Yet, throughout history, there have always been those people who make up smaller factions of various sects that try to impose their power and control over others in order to satisfy their own desire to be important, in charge, and have security. In other words, they are not trusting in God to take care of them by reforming their actions to obey His teachings. Instead, they chose to take matters into their own hands and force control over people in an attempt to play like they are God.

The classic example of how this can actually happen is the Nazi movement. The point is that it has happened throughout history in many places, in many ways, in every religion. Being aware of this is what is important.

War has been waged through the guise of religion throughout the ages. But the real reason for war has to do with the lust for power and control over others. Here are some examples of how each religion has tried to dominate the world using religion as a motivator:

-The Muslim faith in itself promotes the belief that its followers are called to abide by what the faith says. Unfortunately, many Muslim leaders endorse only the violent aspects of the faith that call for all infidels (anyone who is not Muslim) to be converted, enslaved by tyranny, or slain. They have done this to Jews in past history and are continuing to this day to dominate Jews in whatever way they can. This action causes tyranny and violence. For more on this search for Walid Shoebat on You Tube. He is a former Muslim terrorist who converted to Christianity after reading the Bible. He is a Muslim who was born in Bethlehem and brought up being taught to fight and kill all infidels. He talks about the drive Muslims have to spread Islam all across the world at the behest of their leaders, no matter what the cost to people’s of other faiths. It wasn’t until his Christian wife, who he was trying to convert, asked him to read the Bible before making judgments about her faith, that he had a complete change of heart. After reading the Bible in its entirety and listening with his heart, the Holy Spirit came upon him and helped him discern truth. He began to see that Muhammad had created a religion that worked in direct contrast to that of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He understood which understanding of faith in the one true God actually came first and was based upon the love of the One true God.

-The Jewish faith has its fair share of apostate influence. Rothschild Zionism has infiltrated the highest ranks of the Israeli and American governments. The Zionist movement is now made up of people of all types of miscellaneous faiths who don’t practice the religion they claim to be a part of but instead adhere to an apostate version of faith that doesn’t include the proper interpretation of God’s principles holistically. Zionism is a political system in which those who worship non-godly principles are gaining worldwide control through our government and media in an attempt to secure the endorsement of their New World Order Agenda. Their methods are should be called for what they are–propaganda. It is not called out for what it is simply because our media in the US is controlled by this elitist group of people.

It is through the Zionists attempt to fortify their image in America by gaining so much political strength here that they can influence the mindset of most Americans into thinking it is only the Palestinians, driven by their fanatical leadership who WANT war in Israel. We are rarely told about the fact that the masses of Palestinians were driven out of their homes and forced off their lands by the Zionists who clearly had more firepower and military force when the Palestinians had every right to occupy this land. It was a land they’d inhabited for 1500 years before the state of Israel was established in 1948. It is obvious to anyone who knows the real facts of this situation that both have legitimate reasons for believing they have a right to the land in Israel.  Sadly, the deep seated beliefs and horrific atrocities that have been committed on both sides of this conflict have made it impossible for these people to get along. The innocent masses on both sides of the issue are the ones who suffer.

-The various Christian factions have erred by allowing corruption to infiltrate every part of our existence. Whether done out of the lust for control, greed, or even the hope of the benefit outweighing the cost, Christians, too, are guilty of misusing control and having the desire to control others.

Christianity was a faith formed upon the understanding of God’s love. However, through the years, as with all good things, corruption entered our ranks and infiltrated the political realm. Now many of our leaders are as tainted by corruption as all other countries. They lust for power and control over others and thus regulations and law-making is out of control in the United States.

Yet we Americans still enjoy our right to freedom of religion in the United States. We are in danger of losing it, but we still have it.

Remember, as it says in 409 USCCB of the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

“The whole of man’s history has been the story of dour combat with the powers of evil, stretching, so our LORD tells us, from the very dawn of history until the last day. Finding himself in the midst of the battlefield, man has to struggle to do what is right, and it is at great cost to himself, and aided by God’s grace, that he succeeds in achieving his own inner integrity.”

No matter what God has told us and done for us throughout history, people of every faith have defied Him at some point. Fortunately, God is forgiving to those of us who desire to repent and try never to sin again (at least not in the same manner). Another fortunate blessing is that the majority of people are good, loving, giving, honorable people.

What this boils down to in a nutshell is the same old same old:  people of any background can become susceptible to desiring the wrong things in life and inadvertently causing harm to others in the process. It is when we, as mere people, try to play God that we run into trouble.

Most recent examples of each religion and non-religion (secular driven movements) having evil infiltrate it from within:

- The Catholic and Protestant War

- Slavery in America, the Civil War, and the struggle for some to simply acquire basic human rights that called for a Civil Rights Movement and has since led to unnecessary abused of racial accusations that are uncalled for

- World War I

- World War II and the Nazi Socialist Movement

- Stalin and Communism / the Cold War

- Mussolini and the atrocities he committed against his own people

- the Zionist Movement and its attempt to promote itself as a faith on the side of God instead of being honest about its political motivation and intent.

- Apartheid in South Africa

- The Muslim fanatics desire to create Jihad and suppress or kill the infidel through what they call a Caliphate. They are trying to force their religion upon others. This is terrorism.

Muslims do not believe in a Tribunal God. Their god is a god of war, the Judeo-Christian God is a God of love and peace. Muslims do not believe Jesus was the Begotten Son of God. They replace Jesus with Muhammad and show reverence to Muhammad and Allah. This is in direct contrast to the Christian understanding that Jesus is our saving grace. Muhammad is the antithesis of Jesus. In a nutshell, Muhammad and the Muslim faith could be considered by Bible scholars as the anti-Christ. But Christians are not called to do battle with Muslims by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Our God is a God of peace, who calls us from within, deep in the root of our hearts, souls, and spirit to yearn to follow Him. Real followers of Jesus realize this is a chose the individual must make for themselves. It cannot be forced. It requires the heart of the person to be transformed internally and completely. True followers of Jesus are not called to jihad. While some may have committed acts of terrorism at some point in history, they are not called to commit terrorism by their God.

- Whatever is actually going on in Syria right now.

The lesson I have learned and am trying to point out:

Just as all angels began as good beings in the beginning, one-third were deceived by Satan and were thrown out of heaven with Lucifer when God’s judgment came upon them.

As with the angels, so too there are targets that are easy for Satan to manipulate and deceive that exist as seeds amongst people of all backgrounds. The Muslim fanatics call their attempt to dominate others a Caliphate. The Jewish apostate who are a minority, yet have great power and influence and desire to dominate others have the Zionist Movement; the Catholics have had a minority of people in the priesthood commit awful atrocities; the Protestant faiths have had their fair share of fallen heroes, etc.

The bottom line in all this is to always come back to the understanding that if we really desire to serve and please God, we must trust, put our complete faith in God, follow His precepts as best as we can, idolize and worship only Him, and love our neighbors properly. If we try to impose our beliefs and control over others by force, you can bet your last dollar, it’s not going to work. Hearts are convicted through love, not hate and control.

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