God is God and we are not

God calls us to try to imitate Him in our thoughts and actions because He is pure and He wants us to have pure intent and thereby be pure at heart.

What God does not call us to is to attempt to play God, crave power, try to take control over others in the name of leadership, and try to run other peoples’ lives.

Thus God calls us to recognize when people are trying to take control out of our hands and put it in theirs (like most governments around the world). When government tries to provide everything for us they are trying to control others and thus play God.

This understanding, in its simplicity, should be a clear warning sign to all those who don’t want to live in a tyrannical country, world / existence, that when people talk about expanding their control over us, we are in trouble.

God gave us all free will. He gave us brains, hearts, and consciences. He gave us the ability to seek the truth and countless resources to find the truth. He gave us His word in the Bible (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth). When I use this book as my starting point for how to act, I can detect truth from non-truth by reason of deduction when dealing with people most of the time. During those times that I can’t deduce truth from deceit when dealing with people because they are simply blatantly and unconscienably good liers, this is when I turn to God in prayer for discernment. At some point, the Holy Spirit gives me the reasoning to understand God’s truth.

What this all boils down to in a nutshell is that no one is meant to be God other than God. What I have failed to remember about myself at certain times in my life in the past is that this does not mean we are insignificant to God. On the contrary, each one of us is extremely significant in God’s eyes. He loves us more than we love ourselves. He loves us more than anyone could possibly ever love us. He suffered, was crucified, died, and rose again for us. That is an undeniable love. Therefore, what I am trying to say is that we should never under-estimate how significant we are to God. By the same token, if we are this significant to God, aren’t we also significant to Satan and his demons? If we are trying to do God’s work in the world, isn’t Satan right there trying to take us down every step of the way? It is only through God’s protection and guidance that we thrive.

If we remain true to the principles instilled in us by God, we might not always win in the world, but we win in our hearts. Winning in my heart is now more important to me than winning in the worldly sense.

Sarah Palin is a prime example of this theory. She represents the everyday person, not subject to or owned by any special interests. She is not part of the establishment. She has a conscience and governs in a way that called her to have honesty and integrity. She governed in a way that showed she actually was willing to put other people’s interests before her own and take the hit from opposing forces in order to try to do what was right. In the beginning, this worked when she did it on a smaller scale called the State of Alaska. But when she tried to bring those same principles to the world stage, she was shot down by the Washington and national establishment. These people don’t have the same moral fiber and didn’t want their gravy train to stop. Thus, they attacked her head on by ganging up on her, trying to tarnish her reputation, isolating her, and wearing her down.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this basically what the human race did to Jesus? The only difference between Jesus and mere people who try to stand up for what’s right in a corrupt world is that Jesus had power and authority over those who came after Him. He knew they would come after Him, He anticipated it, He chose to allow it to happen. We humans who attempt to do right in the midst of corruption have courage like Jesus, but we have no power to stop them should we choose. It is Jesus who changes the hearts of those who are corrupt. We humans who are willing to forfeit our reputations in the name of doing what’s right are like Jesus in that those brave enough to stand up to corruption are willing to be martyred for their convictions. Once martyred, the Holy Spirit is made manifest in the world, just as it was after Jesus’ death. This is when real change for truth and justice takes place. This is real hope and change. This is God.

We should encourage each other to understand that things that happen in our lives for very distinct reasons. They are meant to guide and lead each of us according to His plan for us as individuals. We are not to compare ourselves to everyone around us and moan and groan about “why this and why that?” Just because your life doesn’t work out the way you envisioned it, doesn’t mean God doesn’t love you immensely. It means He knows what you need for your formation into the being He wants you to become.

We, as a civilization, should find ways to stop judging each other and bullying ourselves when we don’t achieve all the things the material fallen world tells us we should. This expectation about life is a theory for disaster just as much as the people who try to control the world around them by calling it leadership.

What brings the world to the point of inequality most, in my opinion, is when people have a skewed understanding about their own importance in this world. If they have a low self-esteem, they are suicidal and sometimes vengeful. If they have too much confidence in themselves, they are susceptible to desiring to rule over others. Both of these perspectives have stronghold over the mindset that are not healthy. Being in balance is the key to having a healthy mindset.

In terms of life being in the natural order of things no one has the right to try to control another human being. God gave each of us free will for a reason. He wanted us to be free to make our own decisions and live with the consequences. When we live this way we have an opportunity to take responsibility for our own actions and possibly learn from them. When we don’t live this way, we never have a chance to grow, change, and adapt to be who God calls us to be.

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