How do we humans do battle with demons properly?

Demons are allowed to enter into our human world in certain ways that most people are simply not aware of. For instance, my understanding is that when we try to play God and search out future events or tap into the spirit world of our own free will through the use of psychics and Ouiji boards, we are giving the two-thirds of fallen angels who followed Satan (demons) a stronghold over us because we have tried to gain God-like capabilities. As a result, the demons we have allowed to enter into our sphere can then attach themselves to us and influence our mind set, decision-making process, and the direction our lives take in this fallen world.

This is also the case when we have negative thoughts and commit sins. Each thought can allow a negative emotion to attach itself to us through the demon in charge of it. So, for instance, if we feel lust in our thoughts, the demon assigned to make us feel lust has the ability to enter into our being. This is because we have opened the door for it to enter through our thoughts. It is for this reason that Bible scripture tells us the importance of keeping our thoughts pure and positive.

When people are under the influence of demonic forces, they might not have obvious physical signs showing how the demon is manifesting itself, at least not at first. However, the longer a demon is with a person, the more and more obvious it is that a person is possessed. If you were to examine a photo of someone before a certain demon possessed them and then look at a photo of that person months or years later, you can see physical signs that the person has changed if you are looking with a trained eye. I’m not talking about the obvious signs of a person aging. I am talking about the way they use their features. While very subtle to the casual observer, the change in the possessed person’s eyes and facial features takes on a more devilish appearance.

So how do we as humans do proper battle against demons who have a stronghold on us or others around us? Physical fighting is what demons are trying to provoke. Thus, because they love it when we try to destroy ourselves through physical aggression, did it ever occur to you that maybe this is not the proper answer?

What I have come to realize is that Jesus had it right all along. He always turned to prayer first and foremost. Our prayers are what call upon the angels and Arch-angels, as well as our guardian angels and invokes their help. It is prayer that enlists angels to come to the aid of humans by battling against the demons for us in the spirit realm.

God’s angels (army) are much stronger and bigger than demons and that translates into them having much more power than Satan’s demons (army). God’s angels have the power to throw Satan’s demons down to the netherworld, never to hurt another human being ever again. But we must invoke their help through prayer. This involves constant prayer. Why? Because even if one demon is cast out, another may still exist inside us. Or perhaps another one is waiting in the wings to attach itself to us. These demons have all different kinds of labels, such as jealousy, greed, hate, misery, depression, rejection, control, dominance, rage, lust, anger, deceit, addiction, etc.

This is why it is so important to fortify ourselves from a spiritual standpoint with prayer … constant prayer. Not a simple prayer every now and then, where we go for weeks without having an intimate conversation with God. Rather, we are called to pray by talking to God throughout our day. We can do this in the silence of our hearts. The hardest part is simply doing it, then entrusting God to take care of it. Through His angel helpers, we can be set free.

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