Atheism: Is this taking the easy way out? The mindset of an Atheist or Agnostic

I have listened to famous, well-versed, incredibly intelligent and out-spoken atheists agrue their points as to why there either cannot be a God or the fact that if there is a real God, He must be very cruel and sadistic.

These type of people might spend a lot of time reading things, but they have more than likely never prayed diligently in full faith for any real length of time in order to feel what it is like to be tutored by God through the Holy Spirit. This requires the recipient of prayer to be a believer with a trusting heart and faith. I say this because if you never believe with all your heart, say your prayers then give them to God with complete trust that He will answer them in the way that is best for you, you cannot receive God’s gifts of faith and grace. When God imparts His grace upon you, you feel His presence and He gives you a greater understanding about your life and the love He has for each of us. Without the gift of faith and grace, all the general talk in the world will not generate the feeling we as humans experience when we step out in faith and believe with all our hearts, then pray with abiding belief.

And I’m not saying that if we merely say a quick prayer one time to our Creator hoping that He is real that this is enough. How would you feel if someone asked something of you then failed to spend quality time with you in conversation and relationship but expected to receive whatever they asked in return? I for one would feel taken for granted, unappreciated, and misunderstood.

On the other hand, when we have a fully convicted heart and an abiding faith in our Creator and His omnipotence in all things, this is when God begins to speak to us in the inner recesses of our heart. This is when we begin to trust God more fully. This is when we come to love God because we can see just how much He loves us and wants us to be in proper relationship with Him. This is when the scales that have been over our earthly eyes begin fall away.

Athiests have a lot of fun pointing out all the evil that exists in the world. They like to mockingly gloat about how dumb it is to have a God who requires men to be circumsized, a loving God who has to die to take away our sins FOR us, a virgin who conceived by the Spirit and gave birth to the Savior of our world then ascended into heaven when her time was up on this earth. They have also been known to simply conclude that religion is merely a way for a small minority to control the populous. If that’s their thought process, I’d say think again. Religion misused always leads to anarchy eventually. And there’s a reason for that. That reason is called God. God will only allow things to be done in an unjust manner in His name by corruption for so long. At some point, He always lets justice take it due coarse.

My advice to those who desire to make light of how God works is to ask you to not only read the Bible, but also pray with all your heart for proper understanding. If you pray for understanding with full faith, in addition to reading the Bible, this is when your heart goes from understanding a purely human perspective to seeing a bigger picture filled with relationship.

Those who are brilliant and profess that they have read the Bible and this is precisely why they cannot accept the fact that God would do the things He does are probably not reading it from the perspective of a created being. Nor are they asking for greater understanding. These people are more surface people. They tend to be very, very self-sufficient and confident in themselves and their own capabilities. They believe they are wiser than most, and they refuse to allow themselves to feel vulnerable. They have less depth in this way than a person of faith probably because they have been able to succeed quite well in this crazy world by not having to answer to any Godly authority. And they like this.

The irony of the situation is this is the very reason bad things are necessary in the world. God allows people to function with free will, bad things happen as a result, and when we come to God on our knees in real prayer, He answers them in the way we need to hear them so we fully understand there really is an all supreme God.

Even the overly confident (arrogant), erudite, and successful will eventually come to a point in life where they experience grief. Atheists don’t like this. Having to feel such deep emotion is something they don’t want. As a result, allowing this process to take place inside them is the only way God can get their attention and draw them toward Him in pure faith.

Scrooge in A Christmas Carol is a classic example of the type of person who has lived a long life of physical prosperity, but lacked the most essential of all things that bring joy and happiness to life–giving to others, placing others needs before their own, and being unselfish.

i say in the title of this post that Atheists take the easy way out not because they don’t spend lots of time reading and gaining book and world knowledge, but because they don’t have to spend any time praying.  They think they are all supreme and that they can formulate all answers and theories for themselves. In my opinion, this is taking the easy way out.

Atheists don’t want to devote time to anything they consider “bigger” than themselves and therefore, they get frustrated with those of us who desire to function in society in the way God calls us to. They take full advantage of those who prepose to be a dedicated person of faith who don’t really devote the proper amount of attention to their faith life development and attempt to make all people of faith look naive.

Here’s where the real complication of life on earth comes in. Many who call themselves Christians or Jews, or whatever religion they claim they are are a very watered down version of the real thing we are called to be according to the Bible (Old and New Testaments). As a result, there are many supposed faithful who don’t read the Bible and don’t spend the time necessary to more fully understand and develop their relationship with God. I know this because I was one of them. Thus, it is very difficult to live a life pure enough to suggest you are truly living a life of faith the way God calls us to. Those who are have devoted many hours to prayer. They pray before making decisions and participating in their daily activities. This takes time, effort, and devotion to something bigger than self.

Then there are those people who say they have a religious affiliation yet are really apostate whatever.

Because people are fallible and some crave power, prestige, and glory to the point that they have figured out a way to manipulate God’s teachings in order to further their position in the world, we as a people trying to abide in our faith, every religion, have been mislead by others at different points in our lives. This is why it is so important to develop a good, trusting, enduring faith in God, then ask Him to reveal to you His mysteries through something called the discernment process. If we ask this way through prayer, the Holy Spirit will come upon us like the dewfall and awaken our hearts to His truths about why He functions the way He does and how it relates to us. Because God is so infinite, this process is on-going for a person’s whole lifetime, whatever that may be for each of us.

There are reasons people begin wars supposedly due to their faith, but if you look deeper, you will see it is always ultimately about power and prestige for the people inciting their followers to go to war with others.

If you follow world history and you read the Bible, you will see a roadmap for how history has played out. Is this merely by chance? Or is it by suggestive reasoning that so much turmoil exists in all nations surrounding Israel and that it was foretold that before the end of this age in human history (which was to  precede Jesus’ second coming this time in glory) that the Jewish people would return to the land of their forefathers of long ago? (For you history buffs, this happened after the Holocaust.)

The depth of details foretold and prophecied in the Bible throughout our human existence is so accurate as to convince me beyond a shadow of a doubt that God most definitely exists. Furthermore, the older I get and the more I experience life firsthand, the more I see the hand of our Creeator God interwoven in all aspects of my existence and development.

Given life from the perspective of a believer, is it too much to ask that the Atheist merely indulge us and try to see things from our perspective with a little less mockery and a bit more respect?

If you have truly adopted an authentic relationship with God that incorporates belief, trust, and love and still insist that He doesn’t exist or that He is mean, I would be shocked completely. But remember, you cannot simply mouth the trust word and expect God to fall for this meager type of attempt. He is our Creator. He knows our hearts.

For each person, I simply hope you will pray with all your heart first, then formulate your conclusions accordingly. Whatever conclusion each person arrives at for themselves I hope we can all respect each other appropriately.

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