People don’t come to God out of guilt, they come out of love

When we as human beings come to realize exactly how Jesus suffered and died for us in order to earn us grace because of how very much He loves each and every one of us, this is the moment we change. This is the moment of our re-birth, so to speak. This is the moment when we go from being blind to having the scales of misunderstanding removed from the eyes of our hearts. This is the moment our hearts melt and we more fully understand the true depth of God’s love for us. This is the moment for all believers that the person truly acknowledges in their heart the understanding that God sent His only Begotten Son down to earth as the Messiah to atone for our sins. For the Jews, the same happened long ago, just as the Passover Lamb of the Hebrews had been served up as a sacrifice to atone for the sins of the Jews in the days of Ramses back in Egypt thousands of years ago.

It has never been by force, or by guilt, or by false allegiances that people’s hearts develop a conviction about our Creator God that calls us to yearn to please Him. It is out of love. We simply don’t “learn” this, we experience it by opening ourselves up to be loved, unconditionally, by a God who was willing to suffer unspeakable atrocities so when we suffer, whether at the hands of someone else or because or our own reckless doings, we are able to forgive. All we have to do is look at what people did to Jesus. If He can forgive us, we too are called to forgive. Once we can do this, a whole new world can open up for us because we have gotten the rotting dust of lacking the ability to forgive out of our system. Like a bad virus, the sin of not being able to forgive can cause a person to rot from the inside out.

Here is how my friend, Darlene Walker put it:

“You know how miscommunication and mistakes can fuel the flames of a smoldering misunderstanding. Words somehow turn heated. Feelings quickly singe. Maybe that’s why God emphasizes love so much in the Bible. He knows us all too well. Like the gentle father that He is, he reminds us that first and foremost we are to love one another.  It is love that will keep us faithful, keep us joyful, keep us tuned in to heavenly things. You may never have considered all the things love can do. When someone speaks unfavorably about you, love can kindle forgiveness. When a person deeply wounds you, love can bring healing. When you blow it and offend someone, love can help you find your way to remorse and forgiveness. Love can make friends of enemies and break the bonds of prejudice. But you can’t generate restorative love on your own. It takes God’s long-suffering, gentle love to cool the heat of anger and heal broken hearts. His love reaches further than you could ever imagine. It has been called the mightiest force in all the universe. Give it first place in all your relationships.”

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