Why is it that God always seems to wait to the last minute to answer prayers?

As a person who considers themselves to be a faithful Christian, I often ask myself the question, why did I have to wait so long for prayers for a certain request to be answered. As a believer, I ask myself this question not just for myself, but all my family members and my friends. “Why, God. Why did we have to wait so long for ‘fill in the blank’ to happen?” Many times it takes months and even years for a prayer I’ve been praying for to be answered of the result of a prayer for something specific to be revealed in terms of why it has happened. I got an answer this morning.

It always seems to go back to Abraham and his willingness to sacrifice Isaac in order to show his complete, undeniable obedience to God, no matter what. This calls for patience, obedience, and complete trust in God, all the way up to the very last moment possible.

That means, we must all be put in situations where we are tested for these things. If we got everything we asked for through prayer right away, we would not have any reason to doubt His goodness. But God wants us to long for Him. He wants us to trust Him by faith. He wants us to be tested, just like Abraham, so we can show Him that even when He doesn’t reveal Himself to us right away, we still believe. We need to have the patience, obedience, trust, and love He calls us to. Not the expectations that the world calls us to.

Right now I have a prayer request for a friend. One of my friends has a friend whose nephew was involved in a serious accident last week. He is currently in a coma with possible irreversible brain damage. His name is Ryan. Please stop for a moment and say a prayer for Ryan to be touched by the hand of God and miraculous healing to take place. His family is all around him praying and needing us to lift them up in pray so they don’t give up. Let’s pray that Ryan’s prayer warriors have enough trust, patience, and obedience to keep praying intently for God’s answer. Amen

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