Possession has been dramatized in movies and things we consider to be fictional for a long time now. We see the victim who has been possessed as someone who displays very obvious outward signs of possession. They not only look completely different, but act completely different than they used to as well. This portrayal on screen is only accurate in that it addresses the possibility of possession in both the appearance of the person and the actions. Where we get off track is that we think people who have been possessed by demons will appear so different and act so different to the degree that it is obvious they are possessed. This is where we error in our understanding of possession.

It is not always that obvious when someone has been possessed or cursed by something evil. They don’t go around spewing green pea soup out of their mouths. They do hiss and curse at people when they encounter someone with a clean spirit. They do cause lots of trouble wherever they go. They do have nasty habits and vices. They usually have addictions. And they do have malicious intent toward certain people around them.

As a member of the human race, we intermingle amongst each other all the time. The more people we come in contact with, the more likely we are to run across someone along the line who doesn’t necessarily like us for whatever reason. When a person who has been possessed by a demon of jealousy or hate comes across you, if they instigate a curse against you, you might unknowingly be a target of demonic possession. But because Christians know our God is way more powerful than any demon that might attempt to possess us, we don’t have to be afraid of this possibility. We cannot be “possessed” by demons. We already have the Holy Spirit with us. We are saved by the blood of our Savior, Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen.

What we do have to be aware of is that there are evil people, possessed by evil spirits out in the world who might desire to do us harm. Just ask the people who have been victimized by those playing the “knock-out” game as a game.

Such blatant evil is caused by demonic possession that causes the participants of this activity to instigate this action. Whatever demons are possessing people and convincing them to act in this way with such disregard for another human being is dangerous. We need to know our real enemies and deal with them appropriately.

If you should see anyone looking at you funny with a dangerous, glazed over or glassy eyed look, all you need to do is pray for protection. If they walk toward you, don’t run away from them. Go toward them, look them directly in the eye and proclaim to them that your God is much more powerful than they are. Tell them they better not mess with you. Tell them this with authority.

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