Is it just a weird coincidence or is it God?

Here is a quote by Mary McLeod Bethune:

Faith is the first factor in a life devoted to service. Without faith, nothing is possible. With it, nothing is impossible.

Have you ever had someone tell you how “weird” it is that something they’ve been praying about just came to fruition in the most wonderful way? I hear people say this and don’t understand why they think it’s weird that their prayer was answered in a way even bigger and better than they ever imagined.

Remember we’ve talked about how Abraham found that his prayers were answered in a much grander way then he ever thought possible just because he had the full capacity to trust God no matter what.

Now, remember that our universe is so much more vast than just our little world, there is always a much bigger plan within our own little universe as to why things that happen to us either pan out well or not. The higher power of the universe is working on us all. As a result, there are times when things work out well and even better than we ever expected, as well as times that they don’t. These are the times we must examine our consciences and discern whether or not we fully trust God. Are we simply mouthing the words, or do we really mean them from our heart?

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