Many people have asked me why my site is not open to comments. I wanted to let my readers know and understand why I don’t currently have my blog opened up to comments. I did have it open to comments when I first began it and it quickly turned disastrous because I was unprepared to deal with the security breaches this opened my site and personal computer up to.

 It costs money to have a site properly secured if you want to open it up to readers being able to comment. Because I don’t currently have a high  enough readership to justify paying the extra cost of security it will take to open my site to comments, I simply have kept the comments closed. I am already paying to secure my site from the basic malware, Trojan, and virus problems that typically find their way onto every day sites that are not secured properly due to costs.

I began this site as a way to promote my novel, The Secret Trinity, help my readers get to know me, and serve as a resource for my family and friends to use when they deal with the things people have to deal with in life.

I’ve been through so much during my life journey, I wanted my blog to be there for my family and friends in case they are dealing with a similar issue I’ve already addressed on my blog so they would know I could relate to the issues they were facing. This always helps soften the blow when someone you know and love is going through a difficult situation. If you have already been there and dealt with it, it can help others when they are making decisions as to how to handle a dilemma.

For now, I will continue to leave my site unavailable to comments. If there comes a time when my readership increases dramatically, this is when I will consider adding a “comments” option to the site.

Comments are closed.